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50 SHADES OF BLACK | Permissions Agreement

I, Carlton D. Mackey, am responsible for clearing and obtaining permissions for all material that will be included in any volume of 50 Shades of Black or any subsidiary projects developed from it.

I would like to include in my books, in other places on the website, in any educational material, or in any presentation related to 50 Shades of Black the artwork/comments/reflections that you made about the project via the website www.50shadesofblack.com, comments made on any online source that featured the project, or any content that you emailed to me directly with the intent of having that content featured.  


By completing the "Share Stories" Form or by commenting on this site or by emailing me content directly, you are agreeing to the following:

1.  I am freely and voluntarily submitting my words/comments/reflections/photographs/artwork to Carlton Mackey and 50 Shades of Black for the purpose of review and potential inclusion in the ongoing work of 50 Shades of Black –a project that explores sexuality and skin tone in the formation of identity. 

2.  I assert that the words and artwork that I share are mine and are not borrowed in part or in full from other copyrighted material.  

3.  I understand that my words may be used by this project in part or in full.  To make this work easily available to scholars worldwide and the general public, I grant publishing rights to Carlton Mackey to reproduce this content regardless of the media, territories, and languages in which it is distributed and displayed.

4.  I understand that if I choose, I am entitled to be acknowledged as author of the material.  If I choose, I may  provide Carlton Mackey with a preferred credit line or bio or contact information (such as my email address or twitter handle etc) to accompany my words.  I understand that all of this information may not be used to accompany my contributions.  I also maintain the right to contribute my written reflection anonymously.

5. I agree to allowing my contributions to be edited for grammer, length, and context and understand that my words may not be presented in an edited form.

6. I understand that my contributions may be used by Carlton Mackey or 50 Shades of Black in any printed or electronic publication or in any content that accompanies this project.

7. I understand that though sharing rights with Carlton Mackey or 50 Shades of Black, I also maintain the rights to my written work.

7.  By agreeing to these terms I am agreeing to waive any fees charged to Carlton Mackey or 50 Shades of Black for commercial use of the photographic, written, or other artistic contributions featured in conjunction with the electronic or printed book portion of this project.